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Corporate Social Responsibility

Although, CSR is in our DNA, yet the Company believes that organizations depend for their survival, sustenance and growth on the communities of which they are an integral part and they must pay back this generosity in all the possible ways. Corporate social responsibility is the axis, around which the whole business model of the Company revolves. At GESL, we see ourselves at the forefront of making this planet a better place to live in for present and future generations.


We are committed to focus on inclusive growth and improving lives by contributing towards the society at large. For achieving its CSR objectives, the Company had established Ganesh Memorial Trust on 26.02.2015 with the mission “Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah Sarve Santu Nir-Aamayaah” i.e. It strives to benefit humanity through work in these three areas i.e. Education, Healthcare, Eradicating Hunger by supporting the communities in which we live and work. As part of that commitment, Trust appropriately serves patients in difficult financial circumstances by offering financial assistance to them. Above all, Trust’s guiding philosophy is that the needs of the Society come first.

What Trust does

Health Care

Ganesh Memorial Trust is providing medical assistance to economically weaker sections of the society by conducting various programs. These programs are providing benefit to the people living around Kanpur Dehat, Rudrapur. Healthcare programs undertaken by the Trust are as under:

Free Ambulance Services:

In the condition of immediate medical help, Trust with its 2 ambulances and 2 drivers, provides 24 hours free ambulance service to the people living around Kanpur Dehat and Rudrapur, covering almost 50 villages.

Eye Checkup

Eyes are the most sensitive part of our body. One of the main activities in the field of healthcare is free eye check up camps organized by the Trust around Kanpur Dehat, where almost 900 people of various villages consulted with the Eye experts. Trust distributed 350 optical glasses to the needy people present in the camp.


Dispensary Establishment:

The trust with a view to promote preventive healthcare by providing free medical facilities to the villagers of nearby areas at village Temra, Tehsil Bilaspur Distt. Rampur located adjoining the factory of Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd., is going to establish a dispensary with all necessary infrastructure and equipments.


Community Development Program

In order to improve the quality of life and to provide the feeling of equality, the Trust conducted various community development programs. Programs undertaken by the Trust are as under:

Blanket Distribution:

In order to raise the standard of living and to protect the unprivileged people of villages around Kanpur Dehat, Rudrapur from chilling winters, the Trust distributed about 3500 blankets.

Swasth Rahen Sab, Swachta ho Jab, a Sanitation Program:

Trust believes that a healthy life comes from a healthy atmosphere. In view of this, the Trust, for the collection of garbage and to dispose it off at an appropriate place, provided 5(five) tricycle rickshaws to the villages of Kanpur Dehat (i.e. Pahadpur, Dhanjua, Bhatauli, Fatehpur Roshnai, Katra Ghanshyam).


Education & Skill Enhancement

Education For All Children

We believe in inclusive growth of everyone living in society whether unprivileged, special or handicapped. Education opens many doors and expands freedom. With this thought, Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd., directly or through the Ganesh Memorial Trust supports organizations which are working for the noble cause. In this regard, a donation of Rs. 1,02,000/- has been made to Jyoti Vikas Sansthan, Bithoor for educating 12 deaf Students. Adarsh Charitable Trust, Jhunjhanu and other organizations are also supported by the Trust.