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codeofconduct CODE OF CONDUCT

The Board of Directors of the Company has laid down a set of principles that guide and govern the conduct of all the Board members and Senior Management in the Company. This set of principles is known as the “Code of Conduct of the Company”.

Code of conduct for board of directors & senior management

Board Members & Senior Management Personnel

GANESHA ECOSPHERE LTD. (“GESL”) is committed to maintain sound standards of Business Conduct and Corporate Governance.

The Board of Directors (the “Board”) and the senior management of GESL undertake to abide by following Code of Conduct adopted by the Board and affirm compliance with this code on an Annual basis by acknowledging the same as provided in the end.

The Code is named as ‘Code of Conduct for Board Members and Senior Management Personnel’.



The Code is applicable to all the members of the Board of Directors and senior management of the Company. Senior Management shall mean personnel of the Company who are members of its core management team excluding Board of Directors.



Compliance with Laws, Rules and Regulations

The Directors and senior management shall endeavor to ensure compliance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations applicable to the Company. Transactions directly or indirectly, involving securities of the Company should not be undertaken without complying with Code of Conduct for Prohibition of Insider Trading.


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