The King of PETS

Ganesha Polytex, the Kanpur-based yarn-processing company set up in 1987, faced a fork in the road less than a decade after its birth. “I had set up the company after two and a half decades of working for the Birlas at their spinning mills in Mumbai,” recounts Shyam Sunder Sharmma, its 72 year old owner.”

Coke Pants and Pepsi Sarees

China may be the manufacturing factory of the world and India the world’s tech support centre, but when it comes to marketing, American companies reign supreme. They are able to take virtually anything, put the perfect spin on it and pitch it customers in such a fashion that customers happily pay a premium for products which others elsewhere have to sell at a discount!

Wealth from Waste

Ever wondered where the fibres in some of those feather-soft pillows you use come from? They are the recycled remains of the used plastic bottles. Ganesha Ecosphere was the first in the country to start making recycled staple polyester fibre – also called fibrefill and green fibre- from polyethylene terephthalate, better known as a PET, a form of plastic.