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Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd. invites you to a unique work culture where we provide dynamic environment which accelerates personal growth and support employees’ career development. We give a chance to all the aspirants looking for a career to work with the largest firm in the PET recycling domain. Our goal is to recruit and retain personnel that possess the competence and skills required for the Company to implement its vision and strategy. We make great endeavor and are committed towards the professional growth and overall prosperity of our employees.

Career Growth at GESL

At GESL, we believe responsibility for career development rests both with the individual and the organisation. While the organisation provides opportunities for learning and growth, it is the individual’s responsibility to ensure or enhance competencies to shoulder higher responsibilities therefore it is a two-way process. Above all, the key factor determining career growth is meritocracy and performance.

We encourage a multicultural, well-informed and target-oriented employee base that is responsive to the needs of other colleagues, clients and the society at large. We conduct regular training programs within the organization to improve capability, enhance skills and knowledge of the employees while preparing them to get the best out of new opportunities.

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