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Ganesha at a glance

Who we are?

Ganesha Ecosphere Ltd. entered into business in 1987. Over the Years, the Company has emerged as one of the leading PET- recycled RPSF manufacturers in India. We pioneered the manufacture of Recycled Polyester Staple Fibre (RPSF) and Recycled Polyester Spun Yarn (RPSY) from pre and post consumer PET Bottle scrap under the leadership and visionary farsightedness of our illustrious Chairman cum Managing Director Shri Shyam Sunder Sharmma. Ganesha is headed by a team of dynamic professionals.

Being into sustainable business of PET bottle Recycling, we aim to collect maximum PET waste through our 20+ collection centres across India and minimize its environmental impact by turning it into resource.

Having its manufacturing units at Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh), Rudrapur (Uttarakhand), and Bilaspur (Uttar Pradesh) Ganesha has a cumulative capacity of 97800 Tonnes per annum(87,600 TPA of RPSF and 7200 TPA of RPSY and 3000 TPA of Dyed and Texturised/ Twisted Filament Yarn) of RPSF and yarn.

Our products find application in the manufacture of textiles (T-Shirts, body warmers etc.), functional textiles (non-woven air filter fabric, geo textiles, carpets, car upholstery) and fillings (for pillows, duvets, toys).


What we do?

We recycle discarded PET bottles into user friendly polyester staple fibre and polyester spun yarn having versatile applications. To source raw material (Pet bottle waste) we have developed a network of scrap dealers and contractors who in turn work through rag pickers for supplying the PET waste to the Company. Contractors also supply directly from various cities. In addition to that Company source raw material through a panIndian network of 20+ collection centers. These collection centers are franchisee-driven. PET waste are being crushed and baled at collection centers and sent to factories for further processing. Network enables collection of about 225 tons of PET waste daily.


How we do?

First of all the waste PET bottles are collected, compressed, packed into bales and shipped to the processing factory. Then, the plastic bottles are sorted to remove non PET stuffs. Then they are cleaned, chipped to small flakes and converted into RPSF through high speed extruders in a non-chemical process. We are solely responsible to keep environment healthy, that’s why no polluting chemicals are being used. High end drawing and crimping machines are used for the process.






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Our Vision

To become a Global Corporate citizen committed to recycle every PET bottle which is thrown into waste with world class recycling facilities and to create wealth for our stakeholders through conducting business around social and environmental concerns.

Our Mission

With an increasing growth and rapid progress in technology, we focus on to give our clients the best we can in terms of recycled products. Our Mission is

  • To be a high-performance organization by making the best use of resources and empowering people.
  • To be the preferred choice of our customers by providing world class customer services.
  • To maintain high levels of quality in our products through innovative research and technology development in our processes, products and applications.
  • To build relationships with stakeholders based on trust, transparency and ethical business conduct.
  • To contribute to the cause of making our planet a better place to live in for the present and future generations.
Shared Values
  • Excellence in whatever we do.
  • Delivering innovative products.
  • Results through teamwork.
  • Uncompromising integrity
  • Trust and respect for everyone.